Self Levelling Flooring

Our Reeflor range relates to our self levelling products which have been carefully formulated to achieve the desired thickness. Reeflor products are suitable for use in a hard wearing environments such as the industrial and commercial sectors.

System Benefits

  • Self Smoothing
  • Hygienic
  • Good Chemical Resistance
  • Hardwearing
  • Solvent Free


Chemical Resistances

Chemical contact tests have been carried out on the fill range of Reepol flooring products.


Cleaning & Maintenance

A vital and integral part of all Reepol resin flooring is the cleaning and maintenance. Reepol resin floors have proved to be cleanable to an aesthetic and sanitisable standard.


Colour Finishes

Reepol offer a full range of colour finishes.


Information Data

Storage, mixing and application conditions.


Reeflor EL002 SF

Reeflor EL002-SF is a three pack self levelling system which can be applied at a thickness 1.5 – 4.5mm. The system is primed by the use of Reeprime EP550 or Reepol RBS80 please refer to relevant technical data.


Reeflor EL005

Reeflor EL005 is a three pack self levelling system which is applied at a minimum thickness of 4mm. The system is primed by Reeprime EP800 – see technical data sheet.


Reeflor EL1001 (Solvent Free)

Reeflor EL1001 is a two pack self levelling which is laid at a thickness of 1mm. The system is primed by Reeprime EP550 OR RBS80 – See technical data download.


Surface Preparation

The successful application and performance of Reepol Industrial floor finishes depends totally upon the correct surface preparation being carried out.


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