Epoxy Floor Primer

The correct surface preparation is key to high performing epoxy resin flooring systems. A flooring primer can help to improve adhesion on concrete floors that may be dry or porous and can be applied to a range of surfaces including wood or plaster.

Our professional primers are designed to prepare, strengthen and dust-proof the substrate in preparation for the application of an epoxy resin, polyurethane or MMA system coating. Although priming your floor is not essential, it is highly recommended to guarantee the long-lasting performance of your industrial flooring system.

An un-primed floor could leave you at risk of potential damages occurring. In an industry where heavy loads often traverse the floor, such as factories and warehouses, it is easy for the flooring to wear down and become weak. In a worst-case scenario, this could lead to fading, scratching and even small holes. Not only is this unsafe, it is also time-consuming and costly as it will need a full repair.

The application of a primer from Reepol can help save you money, avoid downtime and ultimately achieve higher performing results. The primer stabilises the substrate and ensures a good adhesion will occur between the floor and the epoxy system. The primer is also able to control the levels of moisture in the concrete. It is well-known that epoxy flooring can be prone to blistering, this is caused by osmosis when water moves through the membranes. A primer can help to form a barrier, reducing the risk of osmosis and preventing your flooring from bursting or cracking.

If you choose not to follow with an epoxy paint or other decorative coating, a primer can be a great way to seal your floor for light use. It will be protected from any staining or discolouration that may occur as the result of fat, acid, oils, grease or other substances coming into contact with the floor. This can be useful in industries where these type of substances exist, such as the food and beverage industry.

Some of our products include:

Reeprime EP550 – a moisture tolerant primer perfect for use on problematic substrates or poor quality concrete flooring. It provides a moisture barrier that seals the surface and reduces the risk of osmosis blistering in epoxy systems.

Reeprime EP800 – flexible primer designed for use on a variety of substrates. Low viscosity epoxy primer that has great penetration properties.

Reepol DPM – a two-component solvent-free coating to be used on top of cement surfaces with moisture content above 75%. Provides long term stability and acts as a moisture repellant.

For information regarding installation, please see our brochures for detailed guidelines. If you have any questions about any of our epoxy floor primers, please get in touch with us on 01952 588575. We will be happy to answer your queries. Alternatively, please use our contact form to make an online enquiry.

Flooring System Benefits

  • Strong adhesive qualities
  • Long-lasting
  • Creates uniform coating
  • Moisture tolerant
  • Durable
  • Fully penetrative
  • Creates a durable surface
  • Reduce the need for maintenance
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy application


Chemical Resistances

Chemical contact tests have been carried out on the fill range of Reepol flooring products.


Cleaning & Maintenance

A vital and integral part of all Reepol resin flooring is the cleaning and maintenance. Reepol resin floors have proved to be cleanable to an aesthetic and sanitisable standard.


Information Data

Storage, mixing and application conditions.


Reecote EC017 STR

Solvent free epoxy coating to reduce surface tension


Reeglaze EC018 LV

Reeglaze EC018 L.V. is a low odour, solvent free, high build epoxy flooring sealer.


Reepol DPM

Reepol DPM is a solvent free damp proof membrane which is a two coat system. This practice should only be adopted subject to a survey confirming adequate underlying ground stability.


Reepol RBS80

Reepol RBS80 is a cost effective general use binder.


Reeprime CPS900

Reeprime ES300 is a solvent based epoxy sealer. It is supplied in pre-weighed containers to ensure correct on-site mixing, providing an easily mixed and applied coating.


Reeprime EP550

Reeprime EP550 is a solvent free epoxy primer which is ideal for problematic concrete substrates.


Reeprime EP800

Reeprime EP800 is epoxy low viscosity primer which has great penetration properties.


Reeprime ES300

Reeprime ES300 is a solvent based epoxy sealer. It is supplied in pre-weighed containers to ensure correct on-site mixing, providing an easily mixed and applied coating.


Reeprime EWD300

Reeprime EWD300 is a water based epoxy bonding and sealing system. Being a water based product it is also non-flammable.


Reeseal TG700

Reeseal TG700 is a thixotropic floor seal which is ideal for grouting quartz screeds systems.


Surface Preparation

The successful application and performance of Reepol Industrial floor finishes depends totally upon the correct surface preparation being carried out.


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