Concrete Repair & Jointing

Our ancillary range consists of DIY concrete repair, polymer and jointing products.



Chemical Resistances

Chemical contact tests have been carried out on the fill range of Reepol flooring products.


Cleaning & Maintenance

A vital and integral part of all Reepol resin flooring is the cleaning and maintenance. Reepol resin floors have proved to be cleanable to an aesthetic and sanitisable standard.


Information Data

Storage, mixing and application conditions.


Reebond SBR

Reebond SBR is a modified styrene butadiene emulsion. Reebond SBR mortars have excellent freeze-thaw resistance and resistance to long term water immersion.


Reejoint PU7000

Reejoint PU7000 H.E is a highly flexible pourable joint filler in all types of industrial flooring including concrete, granolithic, tiling and polymeric screeds.


Reepare PR400 FG

Fine grade self-priming epoxy patch repair kit


Reepare PR400 S.P

Reepare PR400 S.P is an epoxy repair mortar. The finished material provides a non-skid and abrasive resistant surface, with good resistance to dilute acids, petrol, oil and grease. 


Reeseal IR1030

Low viscosity, fine crack filler


Reetop P1200

Reetop P1200 is based on a blend of hard wearing aggregates cement and acrylic resins, all supplied pre-weighed to site to ensure correct batching and consistent on site mixing. The system is primed by Reeprime EWD300 which is also supplied in pre weighed packs to site.


Surface Preparation

The successful application and performance of Reepol Industrial floor finishes depends totally upon the correct surface preparation being carried out.


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