Concrete Floor Sealer

Floor sealers are a simple yet effective way to treat concrete floors to make them stronger, more robust and less prone to damage. Our floor sealers are available as both solvent or water based formulas and are designed to penetrate the full density of the substrate to create a strengthened surface finish.

Without floor sealer, the lifetime of your flooring system may be reduced. It is important to treat open surfaces such as concrete to increase their longevity and save wasted money on maintenance. In warehouses and factories, flooring can be exposed to heavy traffic such as forklift trucks, pallets and other heavy equipment. An ill-equipped floor may be more prone to  scratches, stains, cracks and even holes. Not only is this costly, but it also threatens the safety of employees and visitors. The concrete substrate can become brittle, some parts may even burst and dust can easily spread.

A floor sealant from Reepol can help protect your floor. Once sealed, a tough and durable film will seal the flooring and help to prevent any signs of wear and tear. Sealers are generally applied in coats by brush or roller, this alone can be enough to protect flooring from light foot traffic. If you do not wish to follow with an epoxy top coat, floor paint or decorative finish, a concrete sealer can be a fantastic option.

We recommend the use of our sealant systems before application of epoxy, polyurethane and MMA systems. This protects the substrate and ensures maximum adhesion, for unparalleled results. All of our sealants are high-quality resin formulas designed to complement any additional coating that may be applied, decorative or other.

Some of our products include:

Reeglaze ECO18 LV – a solvent free sealer, it is based on a blend of epoxy resins and curing agent binder to create a low odour epoxy flooring sealer.

Reeprime CPS900 – a solvent based epoxy sealer. It is supplied in pre-weighed containers to ensure correct on-site mixing, providing an easily mixed and applied coating.

Reeprime ES300 – a clear sealing for concrete, epoxy screeds and wood floors. It can also be used as a dust proofing chemical resistant coating.

Aside from use in new flooring installations, sealers can be used to refresh and rejuvenate older flooring systems, giving them a new lease of life. The correct surface preparation always needs to be carried out before a sealer is applied, however. See our downloads section below for individual application instructions by product.

Our sealers can come with a matte or gloss finish, dependant on the overall look you desire and the purpose of the application. They can be used for interior or exterior applications and can be ready to receive traffic in a matter of hours. Other major benefits of our sealers include extra protection such as chemical resistance as mentioned above with our ES300 sealer.

If you’re interested in our floor sealing products, give us a call on 01952 588575 to speak to one of our friendly team who would be happy to give you a quote. Alternatively, use our enquiry form to contact us online. Your query will be answered as soon as possible by a product professional.

Flooring Systems Benefits

  • Excellent adhesion
  • Solvent free
  • Good curing performance at low temperatures
  • Excellent sealing properties
  • Create a strong, firm surface
  • Good penetration
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Reduce maintenance costs


Chemical Resistances

Chemical contact tests have been carried out on the fill range of Reepol flooring products.


Cleaning & Maintenance

A vital and integral part of all Reepol resin flooring is the cleaning and maintenance. Reepol resin floors have proved to be cleanable to an aesthetic and sanitisable standard.


Information Data

Storage, mixing and application conditions.


Reecote EC017 STR

Solvent free epoxy coating to reduce surface tension


Reeglaze EC018 LV

Reeglaze EC018 L.V. is a low odour, solvent free, high build epoxy flooring sealer.


Reepol DPM

Reepol DPM is a solvent free damp proof membrane which is a two coat system. This practice should only be adopted subject to a survey confirming adequate underlying ground stability.


Reepol RBS80

Reepol RBS80 is a cost effective general use binder.


Reeprime CPS900

Reeprime ES300 is a solvent based epoxy sealer. It is supplied in pre-weighed containers to ensure correct on-site mixing, providing an easily mixed and applied coating.


Reeprime EP550

Reeprime EP550 is a solvent free epoxy primer which is ideal for problematic concrete substrates.


Reeprime EP800

Reeprime EP800 is epoxy low viscosity primer which has great penetration properties.


Reeprime ES300

Reeprime ES300 is a solvent based epoxy sealer. It is supplied in pre-weighed containers to ensure correct on-site mixing, providing an easily mixed and applied coating.


Reeprime EWD300

Reeprime EWD300 is a water based epoxy bonding and sealing system. Being a water based product it is also non-flammable.


Reeseal TG700

Reeseal TG700 is a thixotropic floor seal which is ideal for grouting quartz screeds systems.


Surface Preparation

The successful application and performance of Reepol Industrial floor finishes depends totally upon the correct surface preparation being carried out.


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