DIY Epoxy Resin Flooring

If you are thinking about a DIY Epoxy Resin Flooring installation, here is an overview of what is involved. The first step is to choose the most suitable floor coating for your project. You will quickly learn that all epoxy floor paints are not the same. To understand the differences among epoxy resin floorings, let’s look at Reecote EC014, EC015, EC017, and EC019 as examples of the products available from Reepol.

Reecote EC014 is a solvent based epoxy coating best used in areas where a dust free, hygienic, easy clean floor coating is required. When cured, this coating is resistant many chemicals as well as industrial traffic. These areas include warehouses, light industrial factories, garages, and workshops. It also comes in an A/S or anti static version.

Reecote EC014 comes in a two-pack pre-weighed kit and should not be split unless accurate weighing facilities are available. The two components must be thoroughly mixed in the resin container. Reecote EC014 A/S needs to be applied to a Reeprime CPS900 surface. Once Reeprime is applied, both versions of EC014 are applied the same, with brush or roller, and a second coat needs to be applied within 24 hours. If the surface is very porous, a third coat may be needed.

Reecote EC015 is a water dispersable epoxy coating with a matt finish. It’s an economical protection for concrete surfaces in many places such as dairies, abattoirs, food preparation areas, and factories because it is non-toxic when cured. This makes it suitable for being in contact with drinking water and foodstuffs. Like Reecote EC014, this also has an anti static version. The mixing and application procedures are identical to each other and similar to EC014 with the exception that the mixing time is slightly less and up to 10 percent water can be added to EC015.

Reecote EC017 is high build solvent free epoxy ideal for use where a high build, hard wearing, hygienic, floor coating is required such as kitchens, food areas and dairies. It is very hardwearing so it is also good in light/heavy industrial areas, such as garage service bays and factory gangways. Reecote EC017 comes in several variations. There is the A/S or anti static version, the LTC or Low Temperature Cure type, the FC or fast cure type, and the W/F or wall coating version, Then there is Reegrip EC017. It is a solvent free epoxy coating grip system.

Reecote EC017 A/S is a two-pack system and requires an initial application of Reeprime CPS900. The other Reecote EC017s are all single packs. Reegrip is a single pack plus the aggregate which must be applied between the first and second coats while the first coat is still tacky and allowed to cure sufficiently so that the excess aggregate can be brushed off.

Reecote EC019 Plus is a water dispersed epoxy coating with a silk gloss finish that is usually used in light to heavy industrial areas such as storage areas, food processing areas, aircraft hangers, water treatment plants, garages, laundry rooms, and supermarket storage areas.

What these epoxy floor coatings do have in common is that they are all matchable to the Pantone, RAL or BS4800 range of colours. Before you begin any repairs on your site, it is a good idea to have a discussion with an expert who will be able to guide you to the latest innovations available.


“Working in the cold forming industry with a high profile customer base, we were looking for a hard wearing floor covering that had to withstand day to day running of a busy manufacturing environment. Using heavy machinery, forklift trucks and a variety of industrial oils and floor cleaning products.”

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