Types of Epoxy Flooring

A prime strength of epoxy resin flooring systems is that it can be modified to meet many types of epoxy coating demands. Different industries have different requirements to meet the safety regulations for their business as well as the design factors. A garage floor and a food preparation floor are two examples of floors that might have to deal with safety measures. However, the kind of oil that could end up on the flooring surface is quite dissimilar.

The type of resin floor you choose depends on the environmental pressure on the area and the applications carried out in that area. If it is a high traffic area, it will need to be heavy duty and anti-slip. If it is a food preparation area, it will need to be hygienic. In a laboratory, chemical resistance would be a factor. Regardless of where it is located, the flooring surface should be easy to clean.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

There is more to simply choosing a feature of the flooring. The degree to which that feature is incorporated is also a factor. For example, Reegrip EC017 is a non-slip flooring that can be adjusted from merely anti-slip to non-slip by increasing the size and amount of the quartz aggregate that gives it the anti-slip quality.

Anti-static flooring is necessary in workplaces where there could be a build up of static electricity, which could damage sensitive equipment such as computerised systems. As well as additives to the coating to give it anti-static properties, Reepol also has Reeprime CPS900, a primer that is electrically conductive. In conjunction with an anti-static coating, this makes the floor safe from electric static. Chemical resistance is also a factor in many workplaces and additives can enhance this quality.

Beyond floor coatings, there are other types of epoxy floor solutions such as floor paints for concrete such as Reecote EC014, EC015, EC017, and EC019. The list of types of epoxy coatings is quite extensive and Reepol is continuously carrying out research and development on flooring covering so that they will be at the forefront of new demands for flooring systems.

Reepol’s resin flooring specialists will do a technical analysis of your flooring needs and provide information and advice on the best type of epoxy resin based floor for your commercial and industrial requirements. There are many factors to consider such as the decorative nature of the paint, how durable it needs to be, whether the flooring needs to be replaced or renovated and whether the substrate needs repair. Some coatings are water based and solvent free. Others are not. The choice depends on how the flooring will be used. Is there a great deal of foot traffic? Is there much moisture in the environment?

Reepol has an extensive network of contractors who are skilled in installing an epoxy floor coating. When you contact Reepol, beyond the advice on the most appropriate floor coverings, we have a list of the type of contractor who can install the covering in your location.


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