Polyurethane Floor Paint

Polyurethane floor paint suppliers Reepol, are a leading UK manufacturer of epoxy resin flooringWhile Reepol’s reputation as a manufacturer of epoxy resin floor paint is well known, we also have a high reputation as suppliers of polyurethane floor paint. What is the difference between these two types of products? And what are the similarities?

There is a great similarity between epoxy resin and polyurethane floor coatings. Essentially, they are both thermosetting polymers. Also known as a thermoset, this polymer begins with a resin that is cured either through heat or by mixing the resin with a catalyst.

The difference is that polyurethane (PU) paint is more flexible. The flexibility is referred to as elasticity. Because of this characteristic, a PU surface is less apt to be damaged by scratches. Being somewhat elastic, the PU yields to, rather than resists an impact. The elasticity is also a good choice where the temperatures can become quite low. An example would be in a blast freezer or cold storage plant. Another different quality that PU has is its capacity to be UV stable. It resists the yellowing effect caused by direct exposure to sunlight.

One of our leading PU based coatings is Reetop PU009 FG. This is a heavy-duty, water dispersed PU resin finish with graded silica aggregates. It is especially designed to provide excellent resistance to abrasion, chemical attack and other physical aggression. PU009 FG is trowel applied and results in a level mottled aggregate fine-textured finish. Applied to a thickness of 9mm, it is stable enough to handle steam cleaning. It is ideal for chemical processing, food processing, brewing industries and engineering process areas.

Reetop PU007 RT is quite similar to PU009 FG. It is heavy-duty rake and trowel applied and has a more slip resistant texture than does PU009 FG. Another of our fine products is Reeflor PU300. This is also a water dispersed PU resin system and it yields a smooth seamless matt system that is resistant to abrasion and chemical attack.

Something that must be emphasised is that Reepol’s PU screeds are water dispersed. PU has a reputation for being solvent based and this can cause concerns for some environments. Solvents evaporate into volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Being water based, our PU paints avoid this concern.

It can be applied on concrete floors. It is damp proof and offers excellent durability. Because it is specially formulated to resist oil, it makes for a high performance surface coating that is ideal for factory use. Different floors have different requirements. Some need a hard-wearing finish. Others need moisture protection, damp proofing, or anti slip qualities. It can be applied over most surfaces including wood where it protects and transforms floors with an attractive, strong and flexible finish.

Before applying PU, we recommend using Reeprime EP550 or Reepol DPM as a primer. We also recommend our network of contractors who are experts on all aspects of installing our flooring surfaces. Contact one of our specialists for guidance on having a well-planned professional polyurethane floor. We offer a free, no obligation survey.

Contact Reepol on 01952 588575 to enquire about the floor paints that would be most suitable for use on your floors. Our experts can provide expertise and advice on the best product for any purpose.


“Working in the cold forming industry with a high profile customer base, we were looking for a hard wearing floor covering that had to withstand day to day running of a busy manufacturing environment. Using heavy machinery, forklift trucks and a variety of industrial oils and floor cleaning products.”

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“Excellent & friendly service, quality product – would recommend to any new customer.”

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