Paint for Garage Floors

Garage Floors have their own special challenges. Grease, oil, brake and transmission fluids – all of them carry the potential of being a slipping hazard not to mention being hard on the flooring surface. Tools and tyres present their own challenges to the typical garage floor, whether it is a small hobby garage or a huge garage with massive vehicles.

Reepol have several paints that are ideal for garage floors. Reecote ECO14 is a solvent based epoxy coating that is easy to clean, resistant to most chemicals and able to withstand industrial traffic. It’s fast curing and abrasion resistant. It also comes in an anti-static version which can be a bonus if there are electronics involved.

Reepol’s Reecote EC015 is a water dispersed epoxy coating with a matt finish. It’s solvent free and an economical coating for concrete surfaces. It can be thinned with water and also applied over a damp surface. It works well in garages.

Reecote EC017 is another solvent free epoxy coating. It’s also high build and good for garage service bays. It also comes in an industrial non slip version. It’s hard wearing and combines quartz aggregate, solvent free epoxy resin, and hardeners into a low odour, easy to clean, chemical resistant surface.

Reecote EC019 Plus is another offering from Reepol that is good for garages. It’s a third generation two part water based epoxy coating that can be applied to green concrete and damp surfaces. It can also be applied to performance screeds, stone, polymer screeds, plaster, terrazzo, bricks and timber. In other words, it is very flexible. It resists chemicals and abrasions.

These coatings come in just about any colour you want and the anti-slip factor mentioned above can be anything from merely non slip to heavy duty anti slip. The degree of the anti-slip factor depends on the amount of aggregate added to the paint. This applies especially to EC017 which turns into Reegrip EC017 when quartz aggregate is layered between two layers of Reecote EC017. The size of the aggregate dictates the level of the anti-slip properties.

There are so many details crammed into those quick overviews of the paint for garage floors that it merely hints at the technologically advanced expertise that Reepol has. What do you need on your garage floor? What colour do you want? Is it going over an old surface or a new surface? Are there features available about which you know very little or not at all?

Reepol has a range of expertise that we are willing to share in consultation so that you can make the best possible choice of paint covering for your garage floor.

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“Working in the cold forming industry with a high profile customer base, we were looking for a hard wearing floor covering that had to withstand day to day running of a busy manufacturing environment. Using heavy machinery, forklift trucks and a variety of industrial oils and floor cleaning products.”

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“Excellent & friendly service, quality product – would recommend to any new customer.”

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