How to Paint a Garage Floor

There are two ways to paint a garage floor – do it yourself or hire experts. Regardless of which method chosen, the procedure is the same. The first step is to assess the existing substrate. If it’s an old floor, check for needed repairs. Reepare Mortar a good choice for repairing worn and damaged concrete. Once the substrate is repaired, it does not mean that the floor is ready to be painted.

There are a couple more steps involved. For one thing, it must be cleaned. How to clean the substrate before applying any coating is included in the instructions that come with any Reepol product. Generally speaking, the substrate should be clean, free from laitance, oil, grease or other agents that may impair adhesion. It can be cleaned with acid etching, grinding, light mechanical scrabbling, blasting or degreasing. Any loose material needs to be cleaned away. The surface needs to be dust free and have no lumps and bumps from dried on debris.

The next step is to use a primer and sealer such as Reeprime EWD300, which is a water dispersible epoxy primer and sealer. If you are starting with new concrete, the concrete should be at least 28 days old with a moisture content of less than six percent.

EWD300 provides a bond to the concrete for the epoxy paint. For very dense concrete, EWD300 can be thinned with water so that the primer can be absorbed into the concrete. As soon as it is touch dry, apply a second coat.

The next step is applying the paint. Epoxy paint is known for its durability. Reepol have several garage floor solutions when it comes to choosing the paint. One choice is Reecote ECO14, which is a solvent-based epoxy coating. Among its top qualities are that it is easily cleaned and it is fast curing. In an industrial garage, it is highly chemical resistant and also comes in an anti-static version.

Being solvent based, it does emit fumes, which can be flammable. For a water-dispersed epoxy paint, Reecote EC015 is a good choice. It is solvent free, has a matt finish, and is ideal for garages.

Another solvent free coating ideal for garages is Reecote EC017. Hard wearing, it combines quartz aggregate, solvent free epoxy resin, and hardeners into a low odour, easy to clean, chemical resistant surface. Reecote EC019 Plus is also an excellent garage flooring solution. Water based, it can be applied to green concrete and damp surfaces. Both of these paints resist chemicals and abrasions.

You may choose any colour you want for your garage floor, If an anti-slip flooring is needed, it is possible to add the anti-slip factor in any gradient from non slip to heavy duty anti slip.

As mentioned, it is possible to make this a DIY job but as you can see, there is a bit of technical expertise needed, at least in choosing the products and the application of the products. Contact Reepol 01952 588575 or click here for technologically advanced expertise. Reepol are willing to offer a free, no obligation, site survey and provide advice. We also have a nationwide network of highly trained flooring contractors to provide the installation service.


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