Heavy Duty Floor Paint

Reepol’s heavy duty floor paints can meet a wide range of descriptions for the phrase ‘heavy duty.’ In some cases, it means that the floor coating must be able to consistently withstand spillage and repeated cleaning. In other cases, it could mean that it must be a fire retardant paint. Other situations call for an epoxy floor coating that can protect a painted factory floor surface from heavy equipment traffic.

Consider the aviation industry. We have over two decades of experience in supplying specialised flooring systems to the aviation industry where heavy loads and a high volume of traffic are typical. Through this experience, our research and development expertise has come up with ideal solutions for hard wearing and impact resistance surfaces.

We also specialise in the motor trade industry where a hardwearing, heavy duty coating is essential. It must withstand tyre grip and accidental impact damage from the dropping of heavy (or sharp) objects. Garage surfaces also must be resistant to oils and chemicals. Because the automotive industry often has a wet environment, anti-slip flooring is crucial.

Reepol has extensive experience in providing floors for garages, having developed solutions to meet the particular requirements of prestigious vehicle manufacturers. Among our automotive clients are Aston Martin, Land Rover, and Porsche Experience. Among our aviation clients are British Aerospace, West Midlands Police, and RAF Brize Norton, Valley, and Shawbury.

Our experience in meeting the standards and requirements for such clients has taught us to seek the latest and greatest innovations in the flooring industry. One of our classic coatings is Reecote EC017, which is suitable for use where a heavy duty floor paint is needed. It is formulated for industrial traffic in environments such as warehouses, light industrial factories, and garages, to mention just a few.

It is a solvent based industrial floor paint and just one of the options available. Our experts can advise you on the best choice for your industry. Choices include solvent based or solvent free, matt, gloss, or satin finish, a range of anti slip floor paint up to non-skid, and numerous other properties such as being chemical and/or heat resistant. The level of the anti skid factor depends on the type and amount of aggregate used.

Reepol also has hardwearing polyurethane screeds such as Reetop PU009 FG, Reetop PU007 RT, and Reetop PU300. All three products provide excellent protective resistance to abrasion, chemical attack and other physical aggression.

Regardless of the heavy use imposed on the painted floor your environment needs, Reepol has the solution.

A Reepol technician can advise you on the most suitable paints & coatings, the type of floor repair and floor preparation that is required, and the best solution for your industrial needs. If you need a contractor to install the flooring, we have a nationwide network of flooring installers who know everything there is to know from the preparation of the substrate to the application of sealers, primers, and finishes to the amount of coverage and the length of the drying time.

Call today for a free no obligation survey or for more information about the best industrial floor paint for your environment – 01952 588575 or click here.


“Working in the cold forming industry with a high profile customer base, we were looking for a hard wearing floor covering that had to withstand day to day running of a busy manufacturing environment. Using heavy machinery, forklift trucks and a variety of industrial oils and floor cleaning products.”

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“Excellent & friendly service, quality product – would recommend to any new customer.”

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