Hard Wearing Floor Paint

Whether you are looking for a heavy duty anti slip floor paint for a concrete floor, low temperature industrial floor paint, line marking paint, or a heavy duty garage floor paint that can withstand spillage and repeated tough traffic and chemicals, Reepol has the solution. We can recommend talented flooring contractors in your area to install the flooring system or if you are into DIY & tools are your specialty, we can provide information on exactly how to apply two pack epoxy floor paints & coatings.watch Life movie now

If you have special requirements such as a quick dry heavy duty floor paint that is water based, solvent free and can withstand spillage and repeated cleaning — or any similar combination of specialised attributes, Reepol is able to provide the epoxy floor coating that will perform perfectly. Speaking of cleaning, another bonus of resin flooring is that it is very easy to clean.

The nature of resin flooring is that it is formed by a chemical reaction between epoxy resin and a curing agent also referred to as a hardener. When epoxies are applied to a surface, a very strong polar bond between the two is created. This is why resin flooring is so strong, long lasting, and durable. Additives can be mixed in during the curing process making the coating resistant to damage inducing elements such as chemicals, UV, and high traffic.

As an example of the range of products that Reepol offers, Reecote EC017 AS is an Anti Static High Build Solvent Free Epoxy Coating. Anti Static floor properties enables use in areas where static can cause problems to staff and equipment. It is hardwearing which makes it ideal for use in heavy industrial areas, such as garage service bays and factory gangways. It’s based on a blend of epoxy resins, curing agents and mineral fillers, which when mixed together provide a low odour, solvent free, high build epoxy coating system.

REESEAL SG100, the latest development in polyurethane technology, is a cured sealer that is insoluble and un-meltable and highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals. It is also has great light and weather stability. As with all its two-pack systems, Reepol supplies it in pre-weighed units of the correct proportions. REESEAL SG100 is a clear gloss sealer. REESEAL SM100 is a matt sealer version of the same polyurethane technology. These are primarily used to coat screeds that need sealing.
Reepol’s REECOTE EC and REEFLOR EL products are designed for application to concrete flooring and come in a standard range of colours from pale grey to dark grey as well as black, white, beige, yellow, blue, red, and green.

Colour is never an issue. While these standard colours may satisfy the colour requirements for your typical warehouse or garage, the colour choices are not limited to these. Any custom colour can be created to suit your needs. Our epoxy floor paint can be colour matched to all the colours of the BS4800, Pantone, or RAL colour charts.

To enquire about the best floor paint solution for your needs, contact Reepol on 01952 588575 or click here.


“Working in the cold forming industry with a high profile customer base, we were looking for a hard wearing floor covering that had to withstand day to day running of a busy manufacturing environment. Using heavy machinery, forklift trucks and a variety of industrial oils and floor cleaning products.”

Arconic Fastening Systems & Rings Ltd.

“Excellent & friendly service, quality product – would recommend to any new customer.”

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