Epoxy Resin Flooring

Epoxy Resin FlooringEpoxy resin flooring is an ideal flooring solution for industrial and commercial environments. This seamless and hard wearing floor finish makes for a result that is as elegant and attractive as it is practical.

With the variety of epoxy flooring options available, it’s always useful to have a guide to the various types. At Reepol we offer a wide range of epoxy resin flooring solutions, as well as polyurethane floor alternatives. Every product in our line has it’s own unique characteristics and uses – from screeds with built-in acidic resistance to anti-slip top coats with quartz flakes, there’s a flooring surface to suite every sector and specification.

Resin floor coatings can offer a wide range of resistances. Most epoxy floors offer some degree of physical resistance to heavy traffic thanks to its inherent flexibility – protecting the underlying concrete floor from the impact of forklift wheels or foot traffic. It is this physical resistance that makes epoxy floor coatings ideal for industrial sector environments such as factories and warehouses. All quality epoxy flooring systems are also dust and water resistant, making an epoxy resin floor easy to clean and resistant to damage. Because of this, epoxy floors can also be used in a repair and maintenance application – it’s strength allowing for the structural repair of damaged concrete floorings and protecting from water damage.

Many top coats, floor screeds and coatings also offer chemical resistance – especially useful to protect your concrete substrate against corrosive industrial spills. Our Reecote EC014 epoxy floor coating for example, is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, making for an ideal flooring surface for a variety of industrial sectors.

For environments featuring sensitive electronic components and machinery, static resistant flooring is essential. Such anti static flooring prevents the build up of static electricity that could damage equipment. Our anti static flooring systems, such as our Reecote EC017 A/S epoxy coating, are self levelling and are to be applied in conjunction with a conductive primer for the most effective performance.

Epoxy resin flooring isn’t all about protection however. An epoxy top coat makes for an excellent decorative feature with many different finishes available. An epoxy resin floor product, such as the Reetop CQ3000 is a decorative top coat that is available in a variety of colours – not only this but it features a quartz aggregate to improve grip. Many REEPOL products are available to match any colour from a variety of colour standards.

Our floor paint products do not only create a seal and protection from the wear and tear of daily use, but also include functional features such as zebra crossings, stop signs or warning symbols. REEPOL epoxy resin floor solutions also allow for the inclusion of any safety sign or logo built into the gloss or matt floor design.

Whether you are a contractor seeking a resin flooring solution for a client, or a property manager looking to make some flooring repairs, our epoxy resin flooring solutions and primers are the perfect choice. For more information on the epoxy resin flooring products we provide or answers to questions about how we can meet your industry’s specific needs, call Reepol on 01952 588575 – or fill out our online form – and talk to one of our specialists.


“Working in the cold forming industry with a high profile customer base, we were looking for a hard wearing floor covering that had to withstand day to day running of a busy manufacturing environment. Using heavy machinery, forklift trucks and a variety of industrial oils and floor cleaning products.”

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“Excellent & friendly service, quality product – would recommend to any new customer.”

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