Epoxy Floor Sealer

Epoxy Floor SealerOver our three decades in the floor system solution business, we have consistently advised our customers that priming and sealing are crucial tasks in having a successful solution to your flooring needs. Reepol’s sealing products provide very good film surface, flexible properties, good curing performance at low temperatures, excellent sealing properties, and good penetration.

Some of our most popular solutions are combination priming and sealing products. One that works very well is Reeprime EWD300. It is a two-part, solvent-free epoxy bonding and sealing system. As well as sealing the substrate, it is a bonding agent for our CBP flooring products. It adheres to sound, dry or damp concrete, plaster, asbestos, wood, sand, or cement rendering substrates. One benefit is that EWD300 can be thinned with water, so it will have maximum adhesion.

Another top-notch sealer is Reeprime CPS900. It’s a solvent based sealer designed to be applied as a conductive layer under anti-static coatings. Such coatings are best for use where a build-up of static electricity can cause problems. It goes hand-in-hand with Reeprime CPS conductive primer. If you do use Reeprime CPS900, be aware that when it is cured, you need to post safety warning signs. It is electrically conductive and until it is approved for use, people need to be warned of its conductive nature.

Reeprime ES300 is an epoxy solvent sealing product. It can be brushed or rolled as a clear sealing layer over concrete, epoxy screeds, or wood floors. It can also be used as a dust-proof chemical resistant coating. Be careful not to layer it on too thick because it is susceptible to puddling. If you apply a second coat, be sure that the first coat is tack free.

Another sealant is Reeglaze EC018 L.V. It is solvent free and heavy duty. It works well in kitchens, food areas, and dairies because of its hygienic nature but it is also very hard wearing. This makes it ideal for garage floors, service bays and factory gangways. Reeseal TG700 thins out when it is stirred but once it is applied, it become gel-like. It works well for grouting quartz screeds systems.

A sealer can go under a coating or over it. A good Reepol epoxy or polyurethane sealant can add high build protection as well as a clear, high gloss, easily maintained finish. It works over concrete as well as any other substrate. It should be mentioned that because a sealing finish is clear, it does not change the appearance of the flooring choice. Any colour or design comes from the coating applied either under or over the sealer.

Because of the flexible nature of sealers, it is advised that you talk to one of our experts to get an opinion on the best flooring solution. So much depends on your substrate, the condition of your current flooring system, whether you require a new system from the ground up, and the purpose of your environment.

For a no obligation site survey, or for answers to your preliminary questions, contact Reepol on 01952 588575 or click here.


“Working in the cold forming industry with a high profile customer base, we were looking for a hard wearing floor covering that had to withstand day to day running of a busy manufacturing environment. Using heavy machinery, forklift trucks and a variety of industrial oils and floor cleaning products.”

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