Concrete Floor Sealer

Reepol has a variety of products that can apply a clear concrete seal coat onto a surface. Epoxy and polyurethane sealers add high build protection and are suitable for use on concrete floors. Sealants can provide a clear high gloss, easy maintenance, finish over concrete that captures any decorative aspects or that enhances the appearance of plain concrete.

Reepol have a wide range of priming products that are suitable for the application of epoxy, polyurethane and MMA systems and which can enhance the bond or act as a barrier to problematic substrates. Sealants are clear and any colour is provided in a floor paint applied over the sealant or from the concrete surfaces beneath the sealant.

Reeprime EWD300 is a water dispersed, two part epoxy bonding and sealing system. Because it is solvent free, it is safe to use in areas containing foodstuffs. It provides excellent adhesion with high mortar strength. It cures easily at low temperatures and in addition to having good penetration, it is an excellent sealer.

Ideal for use with Reepol’s range of Reepol CBP products, EWD300 provides the necessary adhesion to concrete. It adheres to dry or damp substrates and has the dual service factor of being a good general sealer for concrete, plaster, asbestos, wood, sand and cement rendering as well as a primer. If Reeprime EWD300 is being applied to existing concrete, repair any damaged areas with a Reepare Mortar first.

Reeprime CPS900 is a solvent based epoxy sealer primarily used as a conductive layer under anti static coatings, self smoothing systems, and wall coatings. Our antistatic products are ideal for environments that may experience a build-up of static electricity and should be applied in conjunction with Reeprime CPS conductive primer.

As well as having a very high chemical resistance, this anti static flooring system disperses static electricity and is dust free. Like all epoxy flooring, it is seamless and hard wearing. When Reeprime CPS900 is cured, safety warning signs should be placed in the area as it is highly electrically conductive. These signs warning of the conductivity should remain in place until the finished surface is approved for use.

Another sealer is Reeprime ES300. It is an epoxy solvent sealer that offers a clear sealing coat for concrete, epoxy screeds and wood floors or as a dust proofing chemical resistant coating. The substrate needs to be clean and Reeprime ES300 is applied by roller or brush. It is important to ensure total coverage without over-applying the product or allowing it to puddle. If a second coat is applied, it is essential that the first coat is tack free. Otherwise, the second coat could cause solvent entrapment.

Reeglaze EC018 LV is a solvent free heavy duty epoxy sealer that is very hard wearing and a good choice for kitchens, food areas, and dairies where a hygienic sealer is required. It is sufficiently hard wearing for a garage floor, service bays and factory gangways. It is applied by roller or brush and a second coat may be applied within 24 hours of the first. If the concrete surface is very porous concrete, a third coat may be required.

Reeseal TG700 is another choice of sealer. It’s a thixotropic floor seal ideal for grouting quartz screeds systems. Being thixotropic, Reeseal TG700 is a high viscosity liquid that penetrates well as the thick product thins and flows to cover the flooring thoroughly.

For more information about the best sealer for your environment, contact a Reepol specialist on 01952 588575 or click here. We provide free, no obligation, site surveys.


“Working in the cold forming industry with a high profile customer base, we were looking for a hard wearing floor covering that had to withstand day to day running of a busy manufacturing environment. Using heavy machinery, forklift trucks and a variety of industrial oils and floor cleaning products.”

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