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A vital and integral part of all Reepol resin flooring is the cleaning and maintenance. This is often referred to as Good House Keeping
Reepol resin floors have proved to be cleanable to an aesthetic a sanitisible standard.


1. – Prior To Use

The majority of Reepol flooring installed at an early stage within a refurbishment or new-build project.
As such it will be subjected to usage different from that expected within its service life, such as: –

  • Heavy equipment
  • Movement of machinery
  • Spillages of oils, paints, mastics, solvents etc.

To offer as much protection as possible to the installation flooring you should consider: –

  • Use of plastic sheeting and hardboard to offer whilst follow –on trades are in the work area
  • Ensuring that the minimum cure rate for heavy usage is adhered to as detailed in the relevant technical data sheet
  • This will help prevent dirt being embedded into the surface.
  • When the floor is cleaned before putting into service, avoid the use of strong cleaning agents such as paint strippers (either or caustic chlorinated solvent based).

2 – In Use

There are a wide choice of cleaning machines, and the cleaning and bactericides to use with them.

In selecting suitable equipment you should consider: –

  • The type of soiling and whether it is wet or dry, you will probably need different machines for each of these criteria
  • Match the cleaning set-up and frequency of cleaning to the risk status of the particular area
  • Match the method of cleaning to the working practices of the area.  Obviously a cleaning regime adopted outside of production hours will be different to that used within production hours due to cross contamination etc.

The majority of cleaning equipment manufacturers have specific expertise in this field and we strongly recommend that you contact them to discuss your particular need.

Nature of contamination

  • Loose dirt, which is not sticking, can be removed by wiping with a surfactant or soap solution.
  • Oil stains, tyre marks, grease residues etc. can be removed with alkaline cleaning agents containing surfactant.
  • The use of cleaning agents containing acid should be avoided as far as possible on resin-based industrial flooring.
  • Paint residues and similar well-bonded contaminants are generally removed with cleaning agents containing solvent, but here too they can only be used to a limited extent to clean resin flooring.
  • Tyre marks due to braking of fork lift trucks can cause serious contamination.  The truck wheel digs into the flooring surface and scrapes it and the abraded rubber is then deposited in the hollows.  This stubborn material can often only be removed by concentrated cleaning agents.

The Cleaning Process

The cleaning process is made up of a number of operations: –

  • Applying the cleaning agent: Wet the floor evenly with a dilute solution.
  • Working time: Swelling, covering and penetrating under the dirt particles.
  • Brushing: Increased wetting and removal of the dissolved dirt.
  • Vacuuming: Removal of the dirty solution
  • Rinsing: Neutralisation of the coating surface.
  • Drying
  • Applying care products (which prevent or delay further contamination).

Cleaning agents should always be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, normally in dilute form.

After applying evenly and leaving for between 1 and 5 minutes, brushing can begin.  High-efficiency cleaning can be achieved by scrubbing.  The efficiency can be increased with detachable brushes.

After vacuuming and drying a suitable care product should be applied.  This covered the surface (which now has open pores) with a thin dispersion of wax-based film, which prevents or delays further contamination.  These care products can be removed by thorough cleaning.

Care products can be matt or gloss.  Their effect on slip resistance should be checked in every case.

Newly applied flooring should normally be given a thorough clean, followed by application of a care product.  This protects the surface from further contamination.

Conductive coatings should not be treated with film forming care products.  These products form an insulated film on the flooring surface.

Cleaning Product Suppliers

  • Matric Services & Supplies – 01922 479132
  • Applied Chemicals Ltd – 01203 368888

The above companies are familiar and experts in all types of industrial floor cleaning and procedures.

Important Notice

Please observe the full cure and chemical resistance before wet cleaning is carried out.  Water may sometimes damage the surface if cleaning is carried out before full cure is achieved, such as water spotting or salt formation on the surface.


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