Electronics / Electrical

Reepol is familiar with the particular requirements of the electronics and electrical industries, having a range of anti-static epoxy flooring systems designed for circumstances where there is some risk of static build-up and discharge. These products conform to BS2050.

Where the risk of static build-up has more serious implications Reepol can provide epoxy flooring products that conform to the more stringent Static Dissipative Flooring Standard BS61340.

Our treatments can be applied to both walls and floors for complete security.

  • Static dissipative floors to meet requirements of BS2050 and BS61340
  • Hard wearing
  • Wide choice of colours
  • Anti-slip surfaces
  • Basic chemical resistance
  • Easy to clean

Electronics / Electrical Case Study

Broadcrown Generators

Reepol were recently approached by Northern Wales based contractor Flowstone Industrial Flooring Ltd.

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